Saturday 26 July 2008

Teak Outdoor Furniture - Bona Gallery

Bona Art Furniture sells high class teak garden furniture for outdoor and lawn. The company produces chair, bench, coffee table, lounger, planter, dining table in compact design, durable, classy styles and beautiful to look.
The company begin sell the teak outdoor furniture since 1998. The director, Mr. Dori Girsang is the younger brother of Mr. Manampin Girsang, the co founder of Gabe Art and Furniture.
The Bona Art Furniture exports furniture worldwide with the production capacity is 2 x 40' HC in a month. They have customers in North America, including the United States of America and Canada. They also deliver the furniture to South America such as Guatemala, Mexico and other America Latin countries. Now they expand their business by opening a furniture store in Australia and other Asian countries. Now, they also manufacture alloy teak furniture at affordable factory prices.
If you would like to buy teak outdoor furniture made of legal plantation wood from Indonesia. You come to the right choice. Here is their contact information.

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